Royler Gracie presents:

Jiu-Jitsu as Self-defense

A comprehensive course that unveils Grand Master Helio Gracie's methodology.

Yes, I want to learn how to teach the original Gracie curriculum.

What is unique about this course:

“To preserve the legacy of Grand Master Helio Gracie, I decided to unveil how he taught Jiu-Jitsu to me. You will understand his methodology, how he organized the Jiu-Jitsu moves into 40 classes, and the secret to improving without forgetting. As a bonus, I added ten classes and ensured we had the most comprehensive Gracie Jiu-Jitsu course. It is great for you as a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, but it’s a must if you are an instructor, as you finally will understand how my dad thought Jiu-Jitsu.”

– Royler Gracie, 4-time world Jiu-Jitsu champion, 3-time ADCC world champion.

Royler Gracie presents Jiu-jitsu as Self-defense

This complete program has seven hours, organized into 50 lessons and 160 Jiu-Jitsu moves.

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160 Jiu-Jitsu moves
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Content: Royler Gracie presents Jiu-jitsu as Self-defense


What is this program

How to practice

Two-hand front choke defense
Lesson 1

Two-hand front choke defense at close distance
Lesson 1

Single-hand collar grab defense
Lesson 1

Headlock defense (with punch)
Lesson 1

Ground control armlock
Lesson 1

Rear bear hug over the arms defense
Lesson 1

Mount escape: "UPA"
Lesson 1

Mount escape: "UPA" when attacker posts
Lesson 1

Mount escape: "UPA" training advice
Lesson 1

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